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This is how tiny he was when we first got him
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People who call the Red Wings the Dead Wings:


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This is what happens when you ask people to draw a map of the USA from memory. 

I’ll have what the last person is having.

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the worst thing is when you’re sitting in class and the person in front of you does a lean back stretch and touches your face



My 3 year old before bed tonight, She calls meditation “wishing”. She thinks of happy things, people that love her, what she loves, kisses and holds the stones because they have energys. Shes been doing this since she was one. She loves it. I just wanted to share how amazing it is how children and can do these things. I think all parents should give there children a shot. Itll help keep their generation more peaceful…Just thought id share.

*please do not complain about her not wearing a shirt. We were just about to head to bed*

still the sweetest thing ever

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Shut the fuck up
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~   Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via to-my-king)
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